Kappa - Defence/Avionics 


The Kappa Defence/Avionics program focuses on OEM camera modules with modular electronic design and low-noise highly linear signal processing. Resistant to temperature, shock and vibrations these modules are predestined for extreme challenges. Together with the customer-specific product requirements the modules are the basis for complete solutions – e.g., daylight vision systems for airplanes and helicopters, cockpit cameras and observation cameras for drones and submarines. Everyday Kappa cameras give proof that they are up to extreme demand.

Some of Kappa Military Vision System:

Kappa - Sight System for Armoured Vehicles

Survellance Dynamic: > 150dB

(Dynamic range 1:20,000) for bright sunlight and minimum moonlight condition.

Kappa - Inspection of wear and quality control

Nato Stock No.: 4933-12-353-5968

For military users: inspection, measuring and documentation of all large-bore gun barrels (76 – 203mm)

Kappa - Video Sight

Miniaturized camera technology for a video-supported sight. Transmission of the video images for analysis of the aiming process, training and documentation.

Kappa - Night Vision System

With a verified minimum illumination of 0.00047lx, the Kappa NvS is one of the most light sensitive cameras on the market. Maximum light sensitivity and 24 LED’s give you a clear view at night.

Kappa - Mobile X-Ray inspection system

X-ray inspection nof suspicious objects (eg luggage) without X-ray image intensifier. Perfect for rugged routine application. Light, compact, low-voltage.

Please visit the camera listing to review some of the military grade cameras that are applicable for homeland security.

Note: Technical specification subject to change without notice.