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Sherlock - Windows-based Machine Vision Software

Sherlock is advanced machine vision software that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications. This Windows-based graphical design environment provides a rich suite of tools and capabilities that have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide.

Packed with preprocessors and machine vision algorithms; supports user custom plug-ins
Ideal for Mono, Color and multi-camera applications 
Extensive communication options
Drag-and-drop program construction 
Custom operator interface

Our Sherlock automated quality inspection tool allows you to identify and correct problems before your customers find them. It will help you improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce production costs all at the same time. In addition, it offers you the flexibility to adapt with your changing inspection needs, thus protecting your technology investment.

Sherlock Features

Regions of Interest (ROI) Processing shapes:
Flexible Area and Line ROI selection; Recangle, Annulus, Polygon, Torus, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Point, Polyline, Rake, Rainbow, Bulls-eye and Spoke

Extensive set of conditioning functions that can be applied to a ROI prior to analysis

Positioning Tools: 
Advance pattern finding tools for object alignment and robot guidance.

Measurement Tools: 
Precise tools for computing the dimensions on a variety of parts and shapes

Analysis Tools: 
Tools for finding and counting edges, extracting and analyzing features, detecting contrast variation and performing statistical analysis

Calibration Tools: 
Correct for linear, nonlinear and perspective image distortion. Convert camera pixel to real-world coordinates

Color Tools: 
Learn colors for monitoring, classifying, sorting, tracking and counting objects

Reader (Identification) Tools:
Reads and verifies 1D and 2D codes. Reads and identifies printed, molded or stamped text (OCR)

Script Tools:
JavaScript based scripting tool, complete with drag-and-drop instruction editing, allows you to develop custom formulas or inline and background operations

Custom Algorithms:
Unique inspection requirements? No problem! Sherlock allows you to add your favorite custom algorithm into the development environment.

Supported Hardware

Sherlock affords you choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting a hardware deployment platform. You can select from one of ipd's integrated compact vision appliances, or our NetSight II compact vision system or you can build your own platform using a PC with either DALSA Digital Frame Grabbers or supported 3rd party digital cameras.

Vision Appliances:
Sherlock is supported on the following Vision Appliance platforms:

Analog Cameras
VA21 Entry level 1 or 2 camera system
VA40 and VA41 Multi-camera performance systems
Digital Cameras  

Multi IEEE1394 (Firewire) system

VA50 & VA51 Dual camera systems (based on CameraLink)

NetSight II Compact Vision Systems:
Sherlock is supported on the following NestSight II platforms:

Analog Cameras
NSII-MCA Standard 3 camera system
NSIIM-MCA Performance 3 camera system
Digital Cameras  

Standard 2 camera system (CameraLink)

NSIIM-DCL Performance 2 camera system (CameraLink)
NSIIM-MCA Performance 3 camera system (IEEE1394)

Frame Grabbers:
For more information on the following frame grabbers, click here.

Analog Cameras  
PC2-Vision Triple synchronous input
X64-AN Quad asynchronous inpu
Digital Cameras  
X64-CL Single/multi camera Camera Link

Note: Technical specification subject to change without notice.
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