PC-Vision is a half-slot PCI-bus image capture board idel for price sensitive applications and capable of handling inputs from a wide variety of industrial inspection, identification and gauging applications.


  • Half-size PCI bus card moves images to the host PC in less than 4ms, providing an additional 29ms of free processing time.
  • Up to 4 monochrome RS-170 or CCIR cameras
  • Supports non-standard area scan cameras upto 2K x 1K; interlaced or progressive scan
  • On-board 2MB VRAM frame buffer and DMA bus master contribute to industry’s fastest sustained image transder times over the PCI-bus, eliminating unnecessary processor overhead.
  • Hardware circuitry automatically de-interlaces images during DMA
  • Suipports trigger, strobe and frame reset for developers with “real world” applications and demanding cycle times.
  • DMA of Areas of Interest (AOIs) minimize transfer times
  • Video window allows selection of number of pixels per line and number of lines per image.
  • On-board 16-bit digital I/O allows for easy communication of results to the outside world.
  • Non-destructive overlay support.
Note: Technical specification subject to change without notice.