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Our History

VPT is an imaging specialist company incorporated in Singapore under Singapore business law. The company was founded in the new millennium year 2004 to support the growing South-East Asia’s industry in their imaging components requirement. The management has more than 10 years of experience in supporting customers’ imaging requirement.

VPT is short form for VisionPro Technologies. VisionPro Technologies is the trusted brand for companies looking for vision solutions. VisionPro Technologies is the imaging specialist for the finest detail.

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Mission Statement

VPT is an imaging specialist for the finest detail. The company distributes vision solution to the industrial markets. The company is market-oriented. Support customers base on customers needs. Highly qualify in Imaging Technical Knowledge and Sales Support.

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Directions of the Company

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VisionPro Technologies is the brand name of the company. VisionPro Technologies to our business partners signify Sincerity, Truthfulness and Fairness. For our business transaction, it is conducted with Fairness, Flexibility and Focus. Our focus markets are primarily in South-East Asia, Indo-China and East Asia. We distribute our imaging solutions either directly to OEM or work with our dealers’ network.


Unique Strengths

VPT established herself with unique strengths in Technical Knowledge in all vision components that are needed to make into a vision system. Therefore, we are knowledgeable to recommend vision solutions to our customers. Also, with knowledge in vision integration, VPT is able to resolve vision issues together with customers and suppliers.

VPT provides her customers with good after-sales support. The customers know that they can depend and trust VPT.

VPT is a good paymaster. Reciprocally, our suppliers provide VPT with good service and competitive price support.

VPT is confident to meet her limitation in today’s information technology world. New technologies are coming on-stream very fast with today’s internet marketplace. Therefore, VPT has a network of suppliers to better support her customers.